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信報專訪: 區塊鏈追蹤進口牛肉 - InnoBlock Technology Ltd.

InnoBlock Technology Ltd.

信報專訪: 區塊鏈追蹤進口牛肉

為保障凍肉產品安全性,InnoBlock利用區塊鏈平台TT Chain,配合手機掃描二維碼,便可追蹤加拿大牛肉來源。

消費者只須透過二維碼,即可得知產品的基本資料,包括牛隻來源地、年齡、品種、屠宰日期、出口日期、無激素證明及運輸監控等。整個過程所有數據直接導入TT Chain系統,資料輸入後不能更改,提高資訊安全性。

TT Chain為一個跨國平台,採取SaaS(軟件即服務)模式,按產品重量收費。公司目前主攻食品及製衣市場,除了加拿大牛肉,平台試點還應用於柬埔寨花茶及咖啡豆、環保物料追蹤及碳排放足跡等,通過智慧合約為企業的ESG(環境、社會和企業管治)報告,提供有力的數據證明。


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InnoBlock is a leading software company providing innovative and reliable solutions to businesses of all sizes. With our team of experienced professionals, we offer a wide range of software products and services that optimize our customers’ operation and their sustainability goals. The four main domains we focus on are carbon credit trade, carbon management & reporting, supply chain management and cybersecurity.  


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