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TT Chain

TT Chain

TT Chain helps enterprises gain credibility and trust

among business partners & end customers

TT Chain is developed and owned by InnoBlock Technology. We partner with Trustbix, a trusted information exchange system providing a Chain of Custody on live animals, enabling Canada to be one of the countries in the world to deliver Certified Sustainable Beef through the supply chain. 

Enhance Enterprise’s Supply Chain Traceability with Trusted Data  

  • TT Chain, a blockchain-enabled track-and –trace software that facilitates businesses to monitor and verify the origin, movement, and quality of goods, ensuring that they meet regulatory requirements and customer expectations. 

  • On TT Chain, all stakeholders such as manufacturers, logistic providers, and retailers can record and track data in real-time. Providing latest information to strengthen flexible logistic arrangement under the current instability in the global supply chain.  

  • TT Chain also allows data access from third-party verification firms to foster greater trust along the supply chain. 

Traceable Information with Automated Data Collection 

TT Chain allows businesses to track products at every stage of the supply chain, with the use of unique identifiers such as barcodes, RFID tags, or QR codes, which are scanned and recorded at each point in the supply chain and creates a digital trail that can be used to verify product authenticity, quality, and compliance. These data will be recorded on the smart contract which is immutable and traceable, which could increase transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain, building trust with customers and stakeholders.  

Client Story

Hong Kong’s First Food Waste Recycle and Aquaponics System in Smart Farming

Recycle of wastes and food traceability are the hottest topics in recent years. Smart Farming has contributed to the above global concerns by building the first Green + Smart Farming Ecosystem in Hong Kong by adopting TT-Chain’s technology. 

Food Waste recycle to fish feed

Research shows that 3,500 tons of food waste are disposed in Hong Kong landfill everyday. To mitigate the situation, Smart Farming has developed a technology that could turn food waste into fish feed and supply to their local farms. The recycled fish feeds contain 5 times more nutrients than the traditional fish feed and cause less water pollution.

Accredited Fish Farm Scheme

With the help of IoT devices and TT-Chain platform, the operation data of the Fish Farm are auto-collected and stored on immutable blockchain system with full transparency to related parties. Sensors and cameras are used to ensure the water quality and underwater environment is up to the Accredited Fish Farm standard. Other data like fish feed quality, fish origins, age etc. will also be visible to end buyers.

Elevate your Enterprise’s with Supply Chain Traceability