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MeetUp : Connect Your Business with Blockchain 區塊鏈與你的產業 - InnoBlock Technology Ltd.

InnoBlock Technology Ltd.

MeetUp : Connect Your Business with Blockchain 區塊鏈與你的產業

Once again thank you for attending and following our MeetUp event on 27/8! It is our honour to be able to share our ideas in blockchain industry with everyone and to know their feedback on our solutions. We had a really great discussion on how blockchian and our solutions could be adopted in Finance area and even facilitate ESG!

We are aiming to hold more events in the future to get everyone connected and updated with the latest blockchain news. Stay tuned and hope to see you all in our next event!

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InnoBlock is a leading software company providing innovative and reliable solutions to businesses of all sizes. With our team of experienced professionals, we offer a wide range of software products and services that optimize our customers’ operation and their sustainability goals. The four main domains we focus on are carbon credit trade, carbon management & reporting, supply chain management and cybersecurity.  


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