InnoBlock Technology Ltd.

Developer and Property Management

Developer and Property Management

Deliver high quality housing with cost effective-sustainability measure

Platform collects & records suitable data automatically for all kinds of properties

  • Collect desired data points with pre-set time intervals
  • Automated Alerts for abnormal situations detected
  • Immutable data, all data are recorded on the blockchain

Generate customised reports via one-stop data platform

  • Properties’ data will be directed to the one-stop TT Green® Platform for storage
  • Customized view for energy consumption and data analysis
  • One click to export report with chosen reporting format and template

Stay agile and updated with latest compliance measures & regulations

  • Generate ESG reports with updated requirement regulatory measures
  • Reduce low-value and duplicated data formatting tasks through TT Green® automation
  • Regular report disclosure on the property health condition

Facilitate members loyalty by offering seamless booking journey 

  • Mobile interface optimization to facilitate a simple and smooth user experience 
  • Complete booking in less than 5 steps  
  • Reminder notifications for both staff and client about the appointment to ensure the facilities’ use rate

Elevate your business with sustainable measures