InnoBlock Technology Ltd.



Deliver high quality product with higher business sustainability

Specialized team in Supply Chain Solutions

  • Experienced Team and partner specialized in supply chain industry
  • Customized product features to fulfill manufacturing company’s needs
  • Guidelines and training ready for vendors and relevant stakeholders

Fulfil growing customers expectation on product safety & traceability  

  • Make products’ ingredients and logistic arrangement traceable
  • One-stop platform for stakeholders to investigate product details
  • Immutable data, all data are recorded on the blockchain

Fulfil international ESG reporting standard 

  • Implement ESG strategies with InnoBlock’s experienced partner network such as WWF HK and BSI
  • Industry reporting frameworks available on TT Green® Platform
  • A Certified partner from financial institutions, facilitating green loan application and vetting process

Achieving ESG milestones by offsetting carbon emissions:

  • Access to high-quality carbon credit products with global best practices such as Verra & Gold Standard
  • As a buyer, you execute carbon credit auctions, trades, and offset in the one-stop TT Green® Platform
  • Receive advisory services from carbon credit experts if your company would like to participate in this marketplace as a seller

Elevate your business with sustainable measures